How British money goes to benefit the radical Jewish settlers driving Palestinians from their homes

Watch my appearance on "Palestine Declassified" (26 mins)


Last year Israel’s efforts to expel Palestinians from their homes in eastern Jerusalem precipitated the war that Israel launched against Gaza that May.

For the first time, armed Palestinian groups in Gaza intervened in Jerusalem to directly defend against Israeli aggression and ethnic cleansing in the city.

Videos like the one below of Justin “Jacob” Fauci — a rotund Jewish extremist from Long Island, New York — forcibly occupying the al-Kurd family’s home and justifying it with the trite line, “If I don’t steal it someone else will,” shocked the world.

In this episode of the PressTV show Palestine Declassified, David Miller and myself talk about the phenomenon of Jewish settler extremism in Palestine and how it is directly funded by money from Britain and the US.

Plus PressTV’s journalists pay a home visit to one of the British sources of funding for the Israeli settlers expelling Palestinians from Jerusalem.

Watch the episode in full in the video above.

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