Is Israel really a US ally?

And if so, why does it spend so much effort spying on its own patron?


Last month I was once again a guest on Chris Williamson and David Miller’s excellent show, Palestine Declassified. We discussed the history and current reality of Israeli spying on the US government.

Yes, you read that correctly: Israel is regarded by the US counter-intelligence establishment as one of its worst threats.

As well as spying on ordinary Americans who campaign against Israeli apartheid (and South African apartheid) via its cut-outs and lobby groups, Israel spies on its main overseas ally, the United States government.


Indeed, this espionage goes to such extreme lengths that — despite the conventional wisdom — it is a valid question as to whether or not Israel truly a US ally.

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In the episode, we discussed the Jonathan Pollard case (which I’ve written about before: see two of my articles here and here) as well as some of the many other examples of Israeli spying on high-level US targets — including even US presidents (both Democrat and Republican).

You can watch the full episode for free in the video above, as well as over on their website and now on Rumble too.

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