Issue #7 - Bringing down Corbyn

A new EI documentary; and all the rest of my latest work.

I hope you had a good May Day. And if you’re in the UK I hope you had a good May Day bank holiday weekend. I went to Kew Gardens to see the flora and fauna — check out my Instagram for some photos.

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How Israel helped bring down Jeremy Corbyn

We’ve had an amazing response to this new short documentary which we aired for the first time on Friday evening. You can now watch it in full on YouTube. There’s also a helpful list of links to the reporting on which the video is based here in this post on EI.

Tala and I have been working on this video for a while. She did some truly amazing work on it and we’re very proud of it. Check it out in the video above!

Palestinians called Israel an apartheid state decades ago

Two MEMO columns this week. In this first one I argued that while it’s welcome that even Human Rights Watch has finally acknowledged the fact that Israel is an apartheid regime, Palestinians have been pointing this out for decades. You can also read a Spanish version.

The long shadow of Israel's arm in Europe

This second MEMO column is about Israeli espionage efforts targeting people and institutions in Europe and the US.

Western politicians, therefore, often publicly regard Israel to be a "friendly" country – an ally. In private, however, especially among Western intelligence officials, the story is quite different.

For example, the leaked NSA documents exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013 demonstrated that the US counter-intelligence agencies regard Israel – uniquely among its supposed allies – to be one of its top espionage threats.


My recommended links

  • Richard Medhurst did a great episode of his show in which he used one of my recent pieces to help lead his discussion about Israel’s racist campaign of expulsions in eastern Jerusalem:

  • Activist Tom Fowler (who you should be following on Twitter, @tombfowler) has started a brilliant new podcast, Spycops Info. Every episode he and his expert guests talk about a different undercover officer or aspect of the Undercover Policing Inquiry. Definitely worth a listen. You can donate to Tom’s work covering and tweeting from the UCPI online here.

  • Essential and slightly terrifying reading from my EI colleague Tamara Nassar. An alleged Mossad agent seems to have managed to bring in a Palestinian journalist for interrogation and intimidation purposes — in Spain.

  • In what is effectively a sort of follow up to the last episode of the EI Podcast with guest Rania Khalek, my EI colleague Ali Abunimah was invited onto BreakThrough News for a discussion with Rania. They talked about both Israel’s latest pogroms in Jerusalem and US intervention in Syria and the region.

Tweet of the Week

The US state remains the world’s leading terrorist entity.

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