Meet "Solutions Not Sides," the Israel lobby group infiltrating British schools

Watch my appearance on "Palestine Declassified" (27 mins)

May 11, 2022

Last month British actor-turned-Twitter-troll Tracy-Ann Oberman ate humble pie. She apologised for libelling academic and activist Philip Proudfoot and was forced to pay out large sums of money in the legal settlement.

In the immediate backlash to her forced apology, Oberman tried to whitewash her image. Exposed as the anti-Palestinian racist that she is, the actor directed her followers to a group called “Solutions Not Sides” which she claimed fosters “critical thinking”.

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Solutions Not Sides claims to be a non-partisan “educational programme … based on student interaction with Israeli & Palestinian peace activists”. But actually the funding and agenda of the group comes from two sources: the British state and the Israel lobby.

Earlier this year, Press TV launched a new programme, Palestine Declassified. It’s a great weekly show with some excellent guests — including yours truly.

I am going to repost the episodes I appear on, starting with this one from February examining Solutions Not Sides.

In the episode, David Miller and I explain the group’s origins and agenda, the problems with it and how teachers and educators should respond. Solutions Not Sides also dodges an encounter with Press TV’s reporters.

Watch it in full for free in the video above.