Nice article Asa, sad that innocent people killed for the government political agenda.

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Excellent, I just sent the Electronic Intifada version (with pictures) to my 75 year old mother.

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As a Youthful 77 year old I object to naming 75 yr old mother as if she was decrepit!

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Lol not at all! She's more active than I am, at least in terms of social activity, haha. No, I invoked her age because people have been saying that the youth are pro-Palestine, but the older people are not. That's a vast over-generalization, but it is true that people in my mom's age group are more likely to read and trust mainstream media. So they don't get exposure to articles like this. Once they are exposed, they heartily agree. BTW my mom thanked me for sending this, she said she had been very confused about what was going on and appreciated the information. I spoke with her right after 10/7 and explained how the situation was a fight for land and money and had nothing to do with religion, but we hadn't discussed it in awhile and I know she watches mainstream news, so this article was perfect for dispelling big talking points.

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Hiya, does anyone know how many of the 800 'civilian' Israelis there is video or other evidence were actually killed by Hamas?

Thank you

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Surly some but Very few of them, as most all Israelis are reserve troops, and they again nearly all carry guns or have guns in their cars and homes.

Ps testimonies have also confirmed that those who attended the rave party, were at large soldiers and reserve troops.

The gray zone has lots of material which confirms this facts.

Here one


Look at the rest of the material on their site for more details

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Who will be the next politically challenged western capitalist leader to buy the script of a twice used “new Pearl Harbor event”?

The plot and theme wear thin with overuse.

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euromed monitor:

Israel turns schools into military centres, conducting field executions and mass killings


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