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I'm italian and Amato ended the doc very nicely with that automat!

Pretty ridiculous that Franceschini Red brigades say he doesn't know he was a puppet! Idiot!

I was at my last year of high school when all that happened and I tell you that former italian President Cossiga (in the 3rd part video) was one of the main executor of Gladio-Nato strategies and at that time 1977/78 he was Interior Minister so he had control of Police and political persecutions against left and anarchist protesters

His name was always drawn on the walls by student protesters with a "K" instead of a "C", Kossiga, and the double "ss" was drawn as the Nazi SS.... So many knew he was involved, but US and CIA protection saved all of those fascists from jail.... as usual.... as happening now.

But as the book "Killing hopes" tells with many details, USA are the real histroical Most Terrorist Country ever in the World even before WWII. Without US help Nazi wouldn't have gone as far as they did...

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Thanks for this reminisce Kazimir, very interesting.

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I cannot share this well written piece as Facebook has restricted my account over my criticism of Israel and Starmer's support for the zionists.

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