i love ur courage asa. thank u >3

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I ordered your book many moons ago after hearing you first discuss it on EI with Ali and Nora. It only arrived late June and I found it so rivetting that I’ve already read every page. As Ali very correctly says it is a page turner, I found it hard to put down. It is criminal what was carried out by the Labour right against the Labour left, egged on by the Israel lobby. Maybe there is a Labour left leader in the wings who can rally all those disenchanted members to form a new political party, that truly does care about the low paid people. It could be a tipping point, as there are many so called democracies around the world who are disenchanted with their political representatives. Chris Hedges, in a lecture he gave in Canada some years ago, talked about the tipping point in East Germany which saw the separation wall come down, amazingly overnight.

All things are possible, perhaps the tipping point in the UK, US and Israel/Palestine could be just around the corner.

Eileen W.

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This is right on topic of my coming soon post (Canada's 'Neutral' Foreign Policy: A Covert Anglo-Amero-Israeli Op).

Great work!

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