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Brilliant piece as ever Asa! Keep up the great work, with your EI colleagues, of puncturing huge holes in #ApartheidIsrael’s lying & depraved #Hasbara narratives on the Gaza genocide!

#FreePalestine #StopArmingIsrael #Genocide #Nakba2 #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity

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Give it sometime and it will all be clear also for the hypnotized masses:

- managed war trigger similar to 9/11 with some false flag operations

- "hannibal directive" response by IDF killed many Israelis

- massive deportation of Palestinians from Gaza is needed because the Ben Gurion Canal project becomes of strategic importance together with gas reserves to be exploited in front of Gaza.

- everyone in the Arab world (except for Iran) is in bed with Israel one way or another only to make money out of those massive projects. It is about hundreds of billions. Only the cost of the Canal is estimated at 55 billion. No one gives a shit about poor Palestinians. Al Fatah/Arafat was their secular leadership and that represented a danger for Israel because they fought for an independent state. Israel has created and funded Hamas to weaken Al Fatah, with success. Hamas is in solely for the money, like a mercenary army. This explains the attack and the pre-arranged lack of response by the IDF. ("managed war trigger"). Hamas does not give a shit about Palestinians. The Egypt leadership is plainly and totally corrupted by Israel to keep their eyes shut even because the Ben Gurion Canal will be a strategic threat to the supremacy of the Suez Canal.

- all this will end when Gaza is cleared of all Palestinians so they can start building.

As usual it is all about money. see below


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The truth has now all too often become utterly disgusting. Everything about US and Isareli policies, now spread throughout the EU, seems to fit that description.

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Is it true you've been holding watch parties for the footage recorded by Hamas of them raping and beheading women and children, as well as the eye gouging of a man? Are you upset you didn't get to take part in raping and mutilating Jew babies and women?

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Thank you for sharing

Here is some extra point to talk about


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