This is about Iran. Russia got in the say of the US/Israel/Nato plan of 7 countries in 5 years when they allied with Syria. The end game of the 7 in 5 was Iran. They realized they could have neither without Russia/Putin out of the way. We have also figured out that extreme nationalists are quite useful to Empire. They die for nations Empire doesn’t really care about save to exploit to it’s end. We do this all over the world and US politicians do it all the time offering them nothing but some lie of glory in a nation that betrayed them and little else.

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I joined this group to support Palestine but it’s becoming very pro Putin

I dont like this blanket “all Ukrainians are Nazis” & they somehow deserve to die .

I don’t support Zelensky & his two faced Zionism , but he did NOT come to power in a coup ( he got a landslide majority ) ….just as I don’t support all Hamas does & I certainly don’t support Abbas’s collaborating PA Authority but the will of the Ukrainian people is irrefutably for self determination and if we support Palestinian self determination musnt we support Ukrainian?

3 million Ukrainians died under the real Nazis remember . Of course there were collaborators as there always are ; many Palestinians collaborate with the IDF as their refugees tell us . But nobody has come up with a higher figure than 2000 neo Nazis out of a population of 44 million and they’ve never gained any political representation. There are neo Nazi Dombass separatists & let’s not even mention Putins private psycho army the Wagner battalion which is stuffed with white supremacists and fascists

It’s Putin and his misguided imperialist adventurism who’s to blame for NATOs massive resurgence

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I am becoming more and more aware through investigative journalism of yourself and others that world powers seem to have no problem with Fascism. It makes me wonder why World War 2 happened. Was it really about weakening two world powers the UK, and Russia, and the poor Jewish people were mere pawns? Is the Ukraine /Russia war all about weakening Russia further so that it can’t be a reliable ally for China, and the poor Ukrainian people are mere pawns? Will we the people of the world wake up before it is too late?

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