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Glad to see this victory, we need more like this. And l agree totally, never apologise and always fight for the truth

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Netanyahu needs to be assassinated! He's killing innocent women and children! A price should be on his head. End him now!!!

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RabidlyRacist, Israeli ZioFascists have, for over A CENTURY, Proven THEY are the Greatest Threat to Life On Earth, that makes ALL of HUMANITY and ALL of Earth “UnSafe”❗️

ZioFascist Israel’s CRIMINALLY DEPRAVED DRIVE to VIOLATE Human Dignity, by ANY MEANS possible, has SENTENCED OUR ENTIRE SPECIES to the RELENTLESS OPPRESSIONS of UnWarranted, INVASIVE Intrusions of SURVEILLANCE, CENSORSHIP and PROPAGANDA, in every realm and Sector of OUR Existence, Leading Us NOT into Peaceful-Prosperity-For-All, but a BRUTALLY SADISTIC, MILITARIZED POLICE STATE❗️

It is ISRAELs ZioFascist, Anti-MosaicLaw, REFUSAL to Peacefully Coexist with Arabs, Muslims~ and ANY ONE who fulfills their International Law and NATURAL Humanitarian Law, DUTY To PROTECT and PRESERVE the Lives, of Arabs & Muslims, Endangered by ZioFascist Israel’s voracious appetite for Barbaric Violence & Destruction~ that CONDEMNS ALL Of HUMANITY to exist under the Perpetual Tyranny of the Threat of NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION❗️

FFS. WE can’t get any more “UNSAFE” than that. And NO❗️ ZioFascists DO NOT have ANY justifiable Reason or RIGHT, Divine Delusional or otherwise, to HOLD HOSTAGE HUMAN EXISTENCE and the Future of OUR Planet to their CRIMINALLY DEPRAVED, BLOOD-LUST, Demands and Desires for Money and Power.

How MUCH MORE “UnSafe” will We ALLOW this Sadistic Aberrant EXPROPRIATION of Judaism to render Humanity❓

Must We ALL descend to enduring the DAILY Tortures of HOLOCAUST Prison DEATH CAMP before ALL Peoples of Earth UNITE in revolt to END this DEADLY, DEPRAVED, EXCESS of SELF-ENTITLED Indulgence, in MassMurder-MassDestruction, PREDATORY BLOOD-LUST Terrorism that Torments OUR World❓

It is abdication of Reason, Responsibility and DUTY To Protect the Safety of ALL of HUMANITY ~ NOT Mercy~ that abandons wanton ZioFascist Evil, to the perverse aberrations of its own Masochistic Depravity.

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Until Joe Biden got into the U.S. Senate, Zionism was designated, AROUND The WORLD, as a TERRORIST Group❗️

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