A great piece of journalism apart from one point. The Palestinies did NOT attack Israel at any point in their operation. They attacked invaders and occupiers on Palestinian land., as allowed under International Law. The French Resistance did similar operations during WW2 and were lauded as heroes.

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Thank you for sharing this crucial piece.

If I may ask, what are the current approval rates amongst the Israeli public for the war? I know there are dissenting voices and protests, but is there a possibility that more leaks like this could lead to a wide swing in Israeli public opinion?

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94% percent of Israelis say Israel is using the right amount or not enough force in Gaza: https://twitter.com/Louis_Allday/status/1730520802892693682

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That is genuinely terrifying. I hoped, somewhat naively, that some kind of 'moral' awakening could be possible in Israel. I was woefully mistaken.

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Yes they did, and yes the international community had known about it from the start and covered up the massacre blaming the Palestinians, BECAUSE IT WAS PREMEDITATED AND THEY ARE ALL IN IT.

Everyone, US UK EU “Bruxelles” have satellite images of the all thing but they pretended not know the fact that not only israeli got killed, but also tourists. “Their own citizens”

I wrote about it from the start of this false flag ethnocide operation.

The plan was to pass a resolution calling hamas a terrorist organization, so that the US, UK, and others involved in the terrorist plot, would have been able to classify the operation under anti terrorism laws, black out the media coverage, classified the operation as top secret. and carried out the massacres and eviction of the Palestinians from their land in secret.

And not just in Gaza

I first wrote about it in this

They want it the few survivors to be moved to Egypt and the rest to Jordan


I wrote about this in every article I wrote since.

Here is something else to be understood


Thank you for sharing

Peace dignity and justice for Palestina

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So very sad if this poll is accurate. That 94% of Israelis are for this genocide of Palestinians is sickening to say the least. As far as I’m concerned they are ZioNazis.😢

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Thank you! Add this to somebody in the Israeli Signal Corps on September 30 telling her higher ups Hamas was practicing for a raid that looked an awful like one Israeli intelligence had discovered plans for a year earlier, and I see the Israeli government killing its own citizens, and allowing its own soldiers to be unprepared for an attack, to justify a pre-planned ethnic murder campaign.

Damn. Even Hitler never pulled that stunt. Netanyahu's going for a very special place indeed in some hell for the dishonored dead.

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