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Why Israel is still helping Nazis in Ukraine

Listen: I explain how the Jewish state is arming fascists (18 mins)

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I spoke on the By Any Means Necessary radio show recently to talk about how Israel is still helping to arm the Azov Battalion (a Ukrainian Nazi group currently fighting Russia) with sophisticated anti-tank missiles.


I talk to Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman about the complex relations between the Israeli government and both sides in the current war in Ukraine, as well as the ideological justification for why Israel — the Jewish state — would arm anti-Semitic fascists.

Here’s the two articles I wrote for The Electronic Intifada on the subject, as mentioned in the interview:

We also discussed the historical precedent for the US and its clients backing Nazi and neo-fascist groups in Europe: Operation Gladio. Here’s my article on it which Sean mentions:

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Radio Sputnik, which hosts Sean and Jacquie’s show, is banned and blocked in the UK. But this link should hopefully work if you want to listen to the full two-hour show. Or listen to my segment in the audio player above.

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