Jun 12, 2022 • 16M

Why the Nakba is an ongoing process

Listen: I explain why the 1948 Palestinian Catastrophe never ended (16 mins)

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Asa Winstanley
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Last month marked 74 years since the foundation of the state of Israel on the rubble of Palestine. This is known to the Palestinians as Al Nakba, The Catastrophe. Some 800,000 Palestinians were driven out of Palestine by Zionist militias at the barrel of a gun.

Yet Palestine lives on — in the everyday reality of 11 million Palestinians the world over, both inside the homeland and in the diaspora. Some 5.6 million Palestinian refugees are officially registered with the UN.


On the occasion of the Nakba, I spoke to By Any Means Necessary and explained why the Nakba has never ended. It should be understood as an ongoing process, as well as a historic event.

For further background reading on the subject, I recommend this brilliant 2018 essay by Professor Joseph Massad: The Future of the Nakba.

Radio Sputnik, which hosts Sean and Jacquie’s show, is banned and blocked in the UK. But this link should hopefully work if you want to listen to the full two-hour show. Or listen to my segment in the audio player above.

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