Seven unarmed protesters shot dead by Lebanese Forces snipers.
Lobby wants "to ban all criticism of the state of Israel, its policies and its ideology."
Bristol university firing of David Miller means Israel now has veto on British campuses.
US plotted to kidnap or kill Assange.
But Israel will never recover from this blow to its rotting image of "invincibility."
Friday Forum: Are you going to Brighton during Labour conference?Are you going to Brighton during Labour conference this year? Let me know in the comments.
Four of the six escapees re-captured over weekend.
Six prisoners tunnel out of "high security" Israeli jail using a spoon (seriously).
Corporate media is part of the military-industrial complex.
Peter Oborne thinks his 2009 Dispatches episode would have been too hard to make in the Britain of 2021.
Twitter is partnering with a CIA/MI6 disinformation conduit.
Friday Forum: How did you first learn about the Palestinian cause?How did you first learn the truth about the Palestinian cause? For a lot of us in the West, the Palestinians are a maligned people. In our corpo…